Full of Promise


She woke up to sweet and low music playing on a spring morning, sun showing through the white lace curtains. The melodies of the song flowed like water. She closed her eyes again to listen a little longer before getting out of the comfy bed that was filled with white pillows and blankets. Stepping down onto the white pine wood flooring, she stretched her arms out wide. Leaving the pure white room, she walked slowly to grab her morning tea before sitting on the wide front porch in her favorite baby blue rocking chair. Her gray eyes scanned the clear open field that was her front yard, filled with daisies. Birds chirped and a slight breeze blew making the trees sway, dancing to the sweet and low music she still heard. She picked up her journal that she left on the small round table next to her chair and flipped it to an empty page. She grabbed her pen and started writing. The day was full of promise.

xoxo kristal

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