A Dark and Stormy Night

It’s my first post!!! Yayyy!! I hope you guys enjoy this mysterious short story! Please feel free to leave comments! I would greatly appreciate it! Until next time (:

xoxo kristal

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The crack of thunder sounded like a whip hitting the floor and the lighting electrified the sky. It had been raining since the evening started and it didn’t seem like it would clear up anytime soon. The glowing battery-powered lava lamp was the only light source in the room since the lights had gone out. The blue globs were floating up and down similar to silly putty.

Amelia sat in her dark bedroom listening to the rain as it poured down outside her window. Her parents were out of town so she had the big creepy mansion all to herself. She couldn’t stop thinking about her cat that ran away the week before. He was black with an orange tint, named “Halloween”.

There were long scrapes against her window. She opened her eyes wide as her heartbeat sped up. Her breathing quickened and she pulled her black covers over her head. She tried hard to think that it was a tree branch reaching out to her window but that thought couldn’t surface considering she was on the first floor.

*Ding Dong*

The doorbell rang and the sound radiated through the big house. Amelia didn’t know what to do. A part of her wanted to stay hidden underneath her covers but the other part of her wanted to see who it was. She was a curious girl and always wanted to have her questions answered.

*Ding Dong*

The high tone made its way to the hallway calling for Amelia again, sounding at her door. She pushed her covers off and got out of bed without thinking. She looked around the room that was almost black except for the blue lava lamp slightly illuminating the room. She spotted her lacrosse stick next to her door and picked it up tightly in her hands. She needed a weapon because why would someone be at her front door on such a stormy night.

Amelia walked down the hallway and immediately regretted not bringing a flashlight with her. She tried to adjust her eyes to the pitch-black hallway and could only see the front door from the lightning that continually brightened up the foyer, like strobe lights, through the big Victorian windows.

She pulled her lacrosse stick closer to her chest when she started hearing scrapes at the front door. She was frightened and started to hold her breath as she slowly walked closer to the door. Amelia looked out through the peephole only to find nothing. Her eyebrows knitted confused but she still felt uneasy.

Thunder clapped and the loudness made her jump. She wanted to run back to her room but the mystery of the doorbell still propelled her. Amelia unlocked the front door and had her lacrosse stick ready to attack. Slowly, she pulled open the door and saw no one again. There was just rain pouring down around the house and an empty yard. All she could smell was the dirt forming into mud, no presence of anyone.

“Meow.” The small sound made her jump just as she did from the lightning moments before. She looked side to side before looking down.

There sat her black cat staring up at her with big green eyes. Her cat was damp and shaking a bit from being outside in the rain.

“Halloween!” She exclaimed, quickly picking up the cat. Amelia wrapped Halloween up in her shirt and went back inside. She locked the door and scurried down the hallway back to her room.

Halloween happily purred so loud that he drowned out the sound of the storm happening outside. He gave her the comfort she needed on this dark and stormy night.


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